जोनल पुलिस

जोनल पुलिस

# Designation Mobile No.
1 (NaktaDiyaraGhat to RamjiChakNaharGhat) BrijKishor Pandey, DCLR, Patna Sadar, 8544412369 Call Now
2 (Shiv Ghat to J.PSetuPurviGhat) Raman Kumar Sinha, AC (Revenue) 9473191199 Call Now
3 (Gate No. 93 & 92 Ghat) Amitabh Sinha, ADM (General) 94316932428 Call Now
4 (Makdumkhiljikesamnebaluprghat to St. Michael School Ghat) Pramod Kumar, ADLAO 7765857977 Call Now
5 (BaluprGhat to BudhaGhat) Prakash,DTO 9955427102 Call Now
6 (CollectorateGhat to AdalatGhat) Md. Naushad Ahmad, ADM (Special) 9430850118 Call Now
7 (Vansighat to Patna College Ghat) Ajay Kumar Singh,DPGRO 8969841518 Call Now
8 (Krishna Ghat to BarharbaGhat) Arvind Kumar, Director (DRDA) 9431818402 Call Now
9 (Patna Law College Ghat to BaluGhat) Md. Reyaz Ahmad, SPGRO, Patna city 9199173502 Call Now
10 (GhaghaGhat to KadamGhat) BrijKishor Lal, SDC 8210772816, 9801727977 Call Now
11 (Koyla Ghat to KarnalganjGhat) Ashok Kumar Das, DMWO 9097971122 Call Now
12 (Gay Ghat to RanipurTakiyaTalabGhat) Sanjay Kumar Verma, DPRO(Panchayat) 9431465664 Call Now
13 (NaujarGhat to KhajekalaGhat) Madan Kumar,SDC 9939450720 Call Now
14 (TedhiGhat to JhauganjGhat) Brijesh Kumar, ADM(Supply) 6287891319 Call Now
15 (CimniGhat to AdarakGhat) Om Prakash Mandal, SDC 9113367505 Call Now
16 (GareriaGhat to DamrahiGhat) Md. Kabir, DPO (ICDS) 9431005020 Call Now
17 (SharifaganjGhat to DidarganjGhat) Amit Kumar, DEO 8544411731 Call Now
18 (PurviDidarganjGhat to NayaMandirGhat) Rana Baidhnath Kumar Singh,DWO 9939655503 Call Now
19 (ManikchandTalab to BSAPTalabGhat) Janardan Prasad Singh, Dist. Planing Officer 8210066369 Call Now
20 (NariyalGhat to NasariganjGhat) KumarilSatyanand,SDC 7909066981 Call Now
21 (PipapulGhat-5 toShahpurGhat) IshtdevMahadev, DCLRDanapur 8544412365 Call Now

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